Cell Phone Policy

Learning Network 13 Cell Phone Expectations

All students will be assigned an individual Yondr Phone Pouch.  Before entering the building, students must turn off their cell phone and place it in their Yondr pouch. The pouches will then be checked by the intake staff and placed through the security scans. Even if a student does not have a cell phone, they are still required to bring their phone pouch to school every day. Any student who breaks their phone pouch or who loses their phone pouch will be responsible for purchasing a new phone pouch for $20.00.  Students who are found to unlock the pouches, cause damage to the pouch, or use an alternate phone will be subject to disciplinary action.

How will the Yondr process work at morning arrival and dismissal?

  • All students will be assigned a Yondr pouch for their phone that they keep all year.
    The pouch is the property of the school and is considered on loan to the student during the school year.
  • Upon entering school, students will turn their phone off, place the phone inside of the Yondr pouch, and lock it in front of the designated staff.
  • If a student needs to leave school early for an approved early dismissal, medical emergency, work roster, athletic event, or other school-sponsored trip, unlocking bases will be available to allow for a quick opening of the pouch.
  • Students will take their pouch to and from school with them each day.

What if a parent or guardian needs to reach their child during the school day?

We understand that emergencies will occur. Parents may contact the main office at 215-400-7100 to speak with their child if the need arises.

Will the phone be safe?

Phones NEVER leave the possession of the students.

What happens if a student does not have their pouch?

  • The phone will be turned over to a designated staff member and secured in the school, safe until the end of the school day.
  • At the end of the school day, students will retrieve their phone by showing their school ID.

What happens if a Yondr pouch is damaged?

Students will be required to purchase a replacement pouch from the school.

What if a student refuses to put their devices into a Yondr Pouch?

  • The parent will be notified that if the student fails to comply he/she will not be admitted to a school.
  • Students still refusing to cooperate prior to entry into school will then be denied entry (not suspended) by the principal/designee until such time as they choose to comply.

Please be advised that Samuel Fels High School will not be liable for any item that has been confiscated by school police or administration, or has been lost or stolen. The school will not pay to replace any lost or stolen items.