About Us

About Samuel Fels High School

Samuel Fels High School is a comprehensive, neighborhood high school located in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Address: 5500 Langdon St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Septa Bus Routes

The school is located in the Oxford Circle section of the city.

Septa Bus routes are 19, 24, 26, and 67.

Admissions and Enrollment

For admissions, students must live within the school catchment area. Students who live outside of the catchment area must apply, and admission is based on space availability and lottery. Fels has a partial, special admission arts program. To apply for the arts program, you must have a clean discipline record for the past two years and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The programs of student in the arts program are: Visual Arts, Vocal Music, and Instrumental Music.

Samuel Fels High School has approximately 1,100 students.

Languages Spoken

Samuel Fels is a diverse high school. Our students speak a range of different languages, such as:
English | Spanish
Portuguese | Chinese
French | Vietnamese
Arabic | Haitian Creole
Khmer | Malayalam
Mandingo | Pashto
Urdu | Tajik
Ukrainian | Bengali
Russian | Fulah