Attendance Policy

The school day for students at Fels High School is 7:30 am-2:34 pm. Student attendance and punctuality is critical for academic success. 


The Pennsylvania School Compulsory Law requires students from the ages of 8-18 to attend school on a daily basis. The Philadelphia School District is designated as a district of the first class, and as such, the requirement for compulsory school attendance is between the ages of 6-17. Once a student is enrolled in school, this includes children in kindergarten; they are subject to compulsory school laws until the student reaches age 18. The student can only be withdrawn if he/she transfers out of the District. The student will remain on the District’s roll and the child/family is subjected to Truancy Court if they do not attend school.

Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) – As required by state law, a conference is to be held, parent/guardian invited to the conference, and a SAIP created. The SAIP conference is a meeting for families and school staff to come together, identify barriers, and develop meaningful strategies/interventions to address the identified issues, and support the student in regular school attendance. At the end of the conference, the school must create the Student Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP) in SIS (Infinite Campus).

School Process:

Parents must submit an absence note to the school within three (3) days upon the child’s return to school from an absence. The school Principal/Designee will make a determination if the note will be accepted. If the note has been accepted, it should be submitted to the main office, and the absence must be changed in the SIS (Student Information System) to an excused absence using the appropriate code. Parents can also email the absence note from a medical provider, court, etc to

  1. At the 3rd unexcused absence, the Third Day Illegal Notice (C-31) should be sent to the parent/guardian notifying that the child has missed three (3) unexcused days (consecutive/non-consecutive) of school.
  2. A SAIP Conference should be held by the 6th unexcused absence to address the student’s absences and reasons for the truancy. The purpose of the conference is to identify barriers to attendance and develop meaningful strategies to address the identified issues and support the student. The Student Attendance Improvement Plan should be completed at the conference. The school must invite the parent/guardian to the conference. A copy of the SAIP will be provided to the student, parent/guardian and any other entity identified who can support the student with this plan.
  3. At the 10th unexcused absence, the truancy referral should be submitted to the Office of Attendance & Truancy. All referrals will be checked for quality and accuracy. The Student Attendance Improvement Plan will serve as the truancy referral and will be required for ALL cases going to Truancy Court or DHS for services.