Parent Conferences

Teacher/Staff Member Meeting Request

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the school, 215-400-7100, to make an appointment with a teacher, counselor, or other staff member with whom they wish to see. Parent will leave a message, along with a phone number that they can be reached at, with a Secretary in the Main Office. The message will be delivered to whomever the parent/guardian wishes to meet with.  The teacher, counselor, or staff member will return the call to set up a meeting. However, to minimize classroom disruptions, conferences are not permitted when a teacher is scheduled to teach a class.

Administrative Meeting Requests

The principal and assistant principals are available by appointment.  Appointments may be scheduled through the Main Office. Please call 215-400-7100 or visit the Main Office and one of the secretaries will set-up an appointment for you. Please note, administrators are not available when conducting instructional observations, or during intake/dismissal.  The Main Office is opened for business at 7:30 a.m. every day from Monday – Friday and is closed after 2:30 p.m.